Community Outreach

April 04, 2007

Inquiry-Based Approaches to Autonomous Robotics

A 2-week summer course in designing, building, and programming computer controlled robots which are able to function autonomously in complex, real-world environments. LEGO Technics components are used for structures and gear trains. Various mechanical and photodetection sensors provide sensory integration and behavioral control. Participants work in groups to complete laboratory exercises. Topics to be covered include : mechanical design with LEGO, sensors and feedback control, C programming, multi-tasking control strategies, and an end of course robot competition.

James M. Bader, Director, Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Phone: 216.368.5289


Dr. Rich Drushel, Biology
Phone: 216.368.4804

Posted by: Latisha James April 4, 2007 09:25 AM
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