Community Outreach

April 05, 2007

Biodiversity at the Farm

The program consists of 4 classes taught by museum curators, one on each of the following groups: brids, insects, plants and amphibians. Each two-hour class consists of time in the classroom and in the field. The flash of black and white as bobolink flit about their meadow home, the chorus of tree crickets and peepers, the incredible array of wiggly aquatic insects in one scoop of pond water, the blue of the chicory blossoms reflecting the sky: Join us in discovering the diversity of life in “your own backyard”. Find out about the amazing variety of life in our neighboring areas, threats to it and what you can do to preserve these habitats. Each class session will concentrate on a different group: birds, insects, plants, and amphibians/reptiles and be comprised of an hour in the classroom and an hour hiking in the field.

Ana B. Locci, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Director, The University Farm
Phone: 216.368.8598

Squire Vallevue & Valley Ridge Farms

Posted by: Latisha James April 5, 2007 03:51 PM
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