Hiring A Bank Teller*

I had mixed feelings about the exercise we went over in class about the disabled woman applying for the job as a bank teller. The background of this story was one I was very familiar with; I had a part-time job my freshman year as a bank teller at the First Miami Credit Union, at the time one of only eight entirely student run credit unions in the country. The job of a bank teller is one that requires above all other things, trust and communication skills, two qualities that Anna clearly possessed. However, I feel it is important to note that Dave was trying to hire an employee for a specific job, one that required lots of movement. In this light I feel that Dave is still at fault, but rather for the unspecific advertisement. While Anna has the skills and confidence required for the job of being a teller, she doesn’t fulfill the mobility requirement of the job that Dave is hiring for; this is a difficult scenario, I think honesty from the start would have saved the awkwardness.


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When I was reading David's blog, I agreed with him on a couple of points. When I read the handout, at first I thought that he shouldn't hire her because of the mobility factor. I worked at a place over the summer where I was in a small workspace, but it required a lot of movement. Someone in a wheelchair couldn't work there because it just wasn't wheelchair accessible. However, I feel that she was completely qualified for this job, especially compared to the others who applied, and the one he hired. Once I looked at every aspect, I completely changed my mind. In this case, I think meeting all the qualifications required in the advertisement was more important than her being in a wheelchair or not. Also, I agree with David when he said that Dave was at fault for an "unspecific advertisement." I feel that if the mobility issue was big enough not to hire her, it was big enough to be included in the advertisement. Anna has a right to be upset and file a lawsuit, if it was me, I know I would.

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