MBTI = More Than I Bargained For

I’ve been thinking about my MBTI results for about a week or so now and I'm puzzled because I feel like they describe me very well, but only part of the time. I think the important thing to realize about the MBTI, and this wasn’t really stressed explicitly in class, is that everyone has the ability to change their type. The MBTI is powerful because it basically helps you to realize that you as an individual have a vast potential for focusing creative energy and applying it in countless ways. Similarly, and this is what I think makes the MBTI most useful, is that it acknowledges the different shortcomings and negatives qualities that you might have; I don’t think this section is included to humble the reader, but rather serves as a caveat, keeping the reader attuned to both the positive and negative possibilities of their type. With this said, I don’t treat my MBTI results as a sort of roadmap or outline, but rather as a diagnostic tool for my being at a specific point in time. As a few members of the class have had the benefit of realizing, the true power of the MBTI can be harnessed when used to track personal changes over time. This is subject for further investigation.


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David – I do strongly agree with your belief that the MBTI is a snapshot of the present and not necessarily a foreshadowing of the future. And I also agree that both the MBTI’s abilities to highlight strengths and shortcomings are equally important. However, on account of these observations, do you feel as though the MBTI may, for certain people, actually be a look into the future or, at least, a look into what the participants would want their future to be? As much as the tests results tell you upon completion of the questions, I feel that some people may target their answers in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. This idea became much clearer to me after reading your remarks about how it is possible for people to change their “type.” Although it is obvious that MBTI participants can try to alter their type after being told what their personalities consist of, it seems to me that the people who take the MBTI may already be catering their answers to what they would want their types to be, as opposed to what they are.

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