A good example of a team sticking out for each other

The quarter seven output from the HR simulation brought my team a very unpleasant surprise. The fourteen point increase in quality we had earned in the sixth quarter, to a quality index of 74, had been reduced to a 63, our morale had dropped seven points, and our grievances had gone up by over 100. The weekly meeting was depressed and the team was confused with why the quarter had gone so badly. After a few minutes of complaining and blaming various outside sources, we got down to business and began compiling the numbers and making decisions. As we progressed down the list, one of our team members made the observation that our safety budget was over $50,000 below the allocation we had agreed on the previous week. Every member of the group was certain of this and so we found relief in the fact that our poor performance was due merely to input error. The importance of the whole situation is that the team was able to put the bad news aside and finish the work we knew we had to do. It was after moments like these that I realized how well we all worked together.


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