HR Simulation was FUN

93 end of year two Morale read that correctly.

My overall feeling about the HR simulation, after it is over for the semester, is that it was really fun. As operation liaison, I had a the unique opportunity of keeping track of the company’s quality index, quality budget, productivity per employee, price per unit, and units produced at overtime. It was fascinating to witness the changes my team decided upon take their shape in improved indexes, productivity, and cost effectiveness. Reporting on our 2nd year decision outline for the first annual report and supporting it with real numbers from the output was a distinctive experience for me, one that tapped into concepts and information that I’ve learned in other classes, such as corporate finance and statistics. I’m not sure what is planned for the second semester, but I have heard rumors about the inclusion of a second round of the HR simulation; if this is true, I am excited and am assured that it will be another good time.


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