Skeptical about the presentations…

I was always a little skeptical about the presentations that we had to attend outside of the regular class period. Before the last one that we had, the one on 360 Degree Evaluation, I promised myself that I would try and have a good time because I was convinced it would be the only thing I got out of it. When the speaker announced that he was going to have a few of my management classmates teach us about the “abc’s”, I knew I was going to be able to keep my promise. To my surprise, it wasn’t until the actual class period that I gained the appreciation for the presentation that I was meant to take away. I thought that the tie-in to the HR simulation and the second annual report was an intriguing was to incorporate what we were learning both in and out of the class. It felt good and reassuring to know that my evaluation of myself and my team members was on the form we had created.


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