The Harrah’s Casino and Jonah Creighton cases taught me a valuable lesson indirectly through the analyses we were assigned to perform on them. After receiving poor grades on both of them, I approached our TA, Meredith, to help me get my subheading problem under control so that I might avoid the same mistakes on the final draft of my Learning Plan. To my surprise, and embarrassment, subheadings were intuitive and a useful tool for organizing the papers I turned in for management. In addition, I found that they were a simple way to eliminate the fluff and challenge of eloquent transition sentences and a handy method to keep paragraphs succinct, detailed, and organized. Similarly, subheadings make reading other people’s work easier and more productive, specifically when we had to review our classmates Learning Plan Part II drafts a few weeks ago. After revising my Learning Plan to include subheadings, I found that I was able to elaborate more on areas I thought were complete, ultimately furthering my understanding of myself and what I want to accomplish with my life.


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