There is sometimes an “one” in team

This semester, everyone on my HR simulation team was constantly overburdened with work. Despite this, all of the work got done and at that, it was of decent quality. We all contributed to every assignment and all of our opinions were taken into account when making decisions. While most of the team neglected to acknowledge it, there was one of us who persistently devoted extra time and effort to everything that the team received credit for, the team leader. In class we have been enlightened on the functioning and importance of teams, but not much has been said about the team member that holds the team together and ensures that everything is completed and polished. When this person contributes the way he or she does, without want of reward or recognition, any group of people can be augmented into a team and any team could be made stronger. Whether or not this is merely the role/description of a true leader, I believe that this person’s presence and influence on the success of the team should be recognized mentally, if not audibly.


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