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The problem with double negatives


The problem with using double negatives when managing Group Policies is so confusing that even it trips up Microsoft sometimes. Did I just find a problem with Microsoft's own documentation regarding it's Windows Defender program?

(window in the background is the MS Support article; window in the foreground is from the adm file)

So which one is it? Does enabling this make Windows Defender prompt or not prompt?

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iTunes@Case - Part III

Looks like "iTunes U" is now offical (or at least the first I've seen publically mentioned on Apple's site).

So do we have someone on that? :-)

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iTunes@Case - Part II

I'd like to explore my previous idea of iTunes@Case a little further. As I stated before, Stanford has used iTunes as a media content delivery platform free and available to use for all. With Aaron Shaffer and the Freedman Center leading the way by helping Case create podcasting content on the excellent Blog@Case system, is it time to explore using iTunes as a media content delivery platform for here at Case as well?

I believe the answer is a resounding yes. I would imagine however, that creating enough content to make the system worthwhile would be the biggest barrier. We have to start somewhere. is using iTunes and podcasting technology to delivery free video reviews of various cars delivered straight to the consumer. What if we did the same thing with Case's content?

Off the top of my head, the two departments I support, Human Resources and the Controller's Office, both have different gatherings that would make sense to record and be made available for all Case employees online. For HR, the Open Forum Benefit's Meetings; for the Controller's Office, the yearly Information Sessions.

I'm sure there are plenty of other examples of meetings and forums that would make sense for other departments. Aaron recently brought up the ITS Open Forums. Recordings can be made of the Commencement Addresses, as was done at Stanford. The Athletic Department could get involved by providing game coverage.

Professors could even record their various lectures and place them online. It would fit right in line with the Open Courseware initiative. Think of it: a new way to entice new students to come to Case; a try-before-you-buy method so to speak. Potential students could access a variety of content and see the quality of the professors here at Case and make a more informed choice of the school they choose to attend. Get them hooked on a lecture series, for example, and they'll beg to see more. Sure, you can see more! Just head right on down to the Admissions Office.

So, string enough quality content together and you start to have something worthwhile. However, finding your content can start to become a problem. For that you need a depository, a one-stop-shop. The solution Stanford chose was iTunes and the final product is brilliant and something I'd love to see here one day.

So let's go out there and make some content!

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I found this interesting... Standford iTunes, where people can download faculty lectures, interviews, free music, and sports. It's also a nice little advertisement for Standford being in the #1 online digital music download store. Will we ever see an iTunes@Case?

Probably not. However, just about everything they are doing could easily be accomplished with our current Blog@Case system using standard podcasts. It just won't look as pretty and wrapped around the iTunes interface.

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Novell Passwords

I have yet to see it mentioned anywhere else, so I wanted to use this blog as an unoffical announcment.

Campus' Novell NetWare services can now accept up to 12 characters for a password. It was previously limited to 8. While it has never made much sense to me to limit the amount of characters in a password in the first place, I'm sure there is a technically good reason as to why it is limited at all.

Either way, congrats Novell team!

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You're hired!

I'm very pleased to announce that this afternoon, I accepted a position at Case in which I will be responsible for IT support in the Controller's Office and Human Resources. I will miss working directly with the friends that I have made at PerceptIS but I am ecstatic to be given the chance to continue working for Case.

Thank you all for your kind words and support. Nothing goes unnoticed...

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The grass is always greener...

For those unaware, I have sent in my resignation letter to PerceptIS. 30 June is my last day. It has been interesting and fun but it is time for me to move on... May the future be bright!

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Microsoft Update

Microsoft has just lifted the lid off a great new service called Microsoft Update. Basically it combines the old version of Windows Update and Office Update into a single, simplified page. What is most beneficial to me is the new version of Automatic Update client for Windows, which can be found in the News section on the Microsoft Update site. As with the website, the client delievers both Windows and Office updates. Also puts a new icon on your Start Menu...

With a simple GPO for my OU in Active Directory, I have enabled Automatic Update for all my systems I am responsible for. Previously, I would have had to go around and manually check Office Update on every computer or create a complex GPO that packaged Office updates. No more! Now a single, simple setting takes care of both Office and Windows. Hooray!

You can grab Microsoft Update from

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Blocking Windows Server 2003 SP1

Since it has been recommended by the ADS-admins that no one upgrade to Windows Server 2003 SP1 until full testing has been completed by the ADS-admins, may I recommend that those running Server 2003 within ADS run this toolkit against their servers. Microsoft appears that they will be forcing SP1 updates beginning 26 July. Installing this toolkit will block the install until 30 March 2006, a year after the update was released. The toolkit also includes an ADM file which could be used to block all the servers within your OU from installing the patch or used by the ADS-admins to block it within the entire Active Directory structure.

BTW, any news or updates when testing will be completed? I always get a little nervous when my servers aren't fully up to date...

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VPN and Tiger

It's been well documented that there is a VPN issue with Mac OS X Tiger. However, I have seen no announcement other than the at (which I never even though about checking until just now) that a semi-solution already exsists. For users with a single processor Mac running OS X Tiger, you can download an updated version of the VPN software at here as of the 17th of May. Is there a reason this has been so mum? Also, does anyone know about the status of a compatible version of Keyclient?

Someone finally got around to updating the HelpDesk website. Hooray!

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Playing AAC files from iTunes on Tivo

Tivo provides a nice feature called Tivo Home Media Option which allows you to take MP3s and picture files hosted on the computer and display them on the television. The Mac version of Tivo Desktop, the software the hosts the media files, integrates nicely your iTunes & iPhoto library. iTunes' default audio codec is now AAC which Tivo doesn't understand natively. Tivo has promised to add AAC support to Home Media Option ever since iTunes 4 came out two years ago, but has so far come up short. With the most recent release of Tivo Desktop 1.9, you can now play AAC files by using your computer to transcode them into MP3 that the Tivo can understand. Unfortunatly, it is currently an undocumented, unsupported feature that is not enabled unless you have LAME and linsndfile installed. Also, it only supports non-DRMed AAC files; songs downloaded from the iTunes Music Store is still not supported.

1) Make sure you have the latest Tivo Desktop installed. If it is currently installed, make sure to disable HMO while we install LAME.

2) I used the precompiled version with package installer from this website for a quick and easy install.

3) Restart HMO from System Preferences and viola! Go check your Tivo and you should now see all your non-DRMed AAC files. If not, restart your computer (I had to having them show up).


This is all well and nice, but if you have a Tivo that has been upgraded to OS 7.1 and you have an Airport Express hooked into a home theater system that your television shares, you can listen to any type of music files in your iTunes library (music store files included); look into iSeeiTunes. This also has the benefit of displaying the album art on your television display.

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Mac OS X Address Book & Exchange Servers

I've "outsourced" my Case email address to an Exchange hosting company called After getting bit with the loss of email less than a year ago due to the SAN failure, I decided to try and find a good alternative.

I use Microsoft Outlook at work. I also happen to use a Mac at home but I was never happy with Entourage. After reading some documents, I found that Mac OS X Panther just happens to support Exchange with their own Mail client. Also, I knew Address Book supported Exchange server syncing but I could never get it working for one reason or another. Well last night, I struck gold!

• In Address Book, goto the Preferences menu.

• Glaring at you is a Sync with Exchange server option. Check it.

• Click Configure. You'll be presented with your login information and server.

Username: EXCHANGE\e########
Password: Your 1and1 password
Outlook Web Access Server:

• When you click OK, Address Book tries to help you by filling in more information that ends up breaking the syncing process. Go back into Configure and change it back to

• Click Ok again and then open iSync.

• Make sure to click Exchange and tell iSync how you want to deal with your first sync.

• Finally click the Sync button and pray.

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