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Microsoft Update

Microsoft has just lifted the lid off a great new service called Microsoft Update. Basically it combines the old version of Windows Update and Office Update into a single, simplified page. What is most beneficial to me is the new version of Automatic Update client for Windows, which can be found in the News section on the Microsoft Update site. As with the website, the client delievers both Windows and Office updates. Also puts a new icon on your Start Menu...

With a simple GPO for my OU in Active Directory, I have enabled Automatic Update for all my systems I am responsible for. Previously, I would have had to go around and manually check Office Update on every computer or create a complex GPO that packaged Office updates. No more! Now a single, simple setting takes care of both Office and Windows. Hooray!

You can grab Microsoft Update from

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Hooray! I have been waiting on this since a read about it over a year ago. I thought maybe they had decided not to go forward with it after all this time.

Posted by: Aaron Shaffer at June 25, 2005 11:05 AM