Lexi-Comp Lunch and Learn

Lexi-Comp gave a great lunch and learn today. They passed around all of their reference library, giving us dental students a chance to see what they were about.
I am already familiar with the PDA version of the drug data-base that Lexi-Comp produces specificaly for the dental profession. It has come in handy so many times already [and I'm not even in the clinic full time yet]. So, I didn't come wanting to purchase anything...

I did anyway, though, because I was impressed with their "Illustrated Handbook of Clinical Dentistry". Designed for dental students, and written by Dr. Richard Lehman, a former perio resident at Harvard [who passed away before the book was published]. Some of the money made from the sales of this book are donated to his foundation, so it's a good cause as well. The pricetag is a bit hefty on a dental student's budget at $45. However, they are pretty good about discounts when you buy more than one title, or if they visit your school [they gave a copy of "Your Roadmap to Financial Interity in Dental Practice" if you purchased any title today].

I posted a picture of the cover, as well as a sample page. The print is easy to read, and all of the information is nice and condensed. I think it will serve me well even before I enter the dental clinic...



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