April 27, 2006



So here is the last entry. And the company is Key Bank. The headquarters is in downtown Cleveland. The building its in is the tallest in the city of Cleveland. It also has several other offices located around Cleveland, one in particular is 10 minutes away from my house. As for internships, there are many different opportunities.

This is my last entry since Management 251 is now officially over. It has been fun while it lasted and I hope you learned something because I know I have.

April 25, 2006

Last Company!!

This will sadly be the last company I profile. This does not mean there aren't any other great companies in Northeast Ohio. For those who witnessed many of the presentations in MGMT 251, Cleveland offers many great organizations. This last company I am profiling was not one of the companies a team profiled for their group project.

This is another bank-based company. Their corporate headquarters is located in Cleveland. According to its website, their assets total over $93 billion. It employs nearly 20,000 people. It actually began in the nineteen century as separate companies before a merger in the 1990s. It is considered to be the 13th largest bank in the country.

Come back (very soon) for the revealing.

April 21, 2006



Nice guesses and it is MBNA. The company actually merged with the Bank of America in the beginning of this year. This allows the company to expand the type of services. It also acquired Premium Credit Limited and Sky Financial Services in 2004.

Besides this, MBNA has been named one of the top 100 companies for working mothers in Working Mothers magazine. It is one of 22 companies who has been named every year in Fortune magazine as one of the best companies to work for.

As mentioned in my previous post, MBNA offers many scholarships for high school students. It donates for the Cleveland Scholarship Program and many Cleveland Public School students receive this scholarship. They also offered a full-time position for the summer at their Beachwood office for the scholarship recipients.

Here is the link to their career search site. I am not sure if they offer internship position at this time. The recruiting process may have occurred earlier in the year.

April 16, 2006

Credit Card

This company started as a small credit card company and has since grown to an international financial service company. It currently employs over 24000 employees all over the world. Among its international locations are Canada, Ireland, and Spain. In Ireland, it is named the best place to work in 2004 in the European Union. It is endorsed by companies such as Merrill Lynch, eBay and the NFL.

As for its Cleveland connection, its Central regional office is headquartered in Beachwood, a suburb of Cleveland. It also has another office in Akron, about half an hour away from Cleveland. Its main focus in the Beachwood office is customer satisfaction for their credit cards. The company does a lot of volunteer work in the community which involves organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM). It offers college scholarships to high school students, including the Cleveland Public Schools.

Here is a picture of its Beachwood office.

Beachwood Office.jpg

Be back in a couple for the identity of the company (if you haven't already figured it out) and some additional information.

April 12, 2006

Bonne Bell


So I guess I can't compete against google. The company is Bonne Bell. They produce all sorts of cosmetics that includes lip gloss such as Smackers. For those who don't know, Smackers is a lip gloss that is flavored. It was created in 1973 and has many different flavors now. Younger girls are attracted to this product.

Bonnie Bell sells its products all over the world. Some of their customers include Guatemala, Jordan, and Norway (countries that are not necessarily the biggest in the world). It also claims that it does not tests on animals (for those who are concerned about this).

There were some comments that said that Bonnie Bell hires high school students. I am not sure what exactly are their positions. The website does not provide much information but here is the link to the employment part of the company so maybe they'll have more information. I am not sure if they currently offer internship positions but contacting the HR department might provide more information.

April 06, 2006

Little known, yet popular

After living in Cleveland my entire life, I did not know this corporation is located in Lakewood, a tiny suburb on the west-side of Cleveland (10 minutes away from me). I learned of this company thanks to Tania. So Tania, you can't "guess" what this is.

I guess there is a good reason I don't know too much about this company. It has several offices in the Cleveland area. Their human resource department is located in Westlake, OH, another suburb on the west-side of Cleveland. It manufactures an assortment of cosmetic products. The company has existed nearly 80 years now. One of its products is extremely popular with younger girls. This product line is actually targeted at teenagers and preteens.

That should be enough for you to have a decent guess at the company. I'll be back soon with some more information about this company.

March 29, 2006

Progressive Insurance


So we have a winner. The company is Progressive Insurance. The current CEO of the company is Peter B. Lewis, who started working for Progressive after his father died. Progressive is the third largest insurance company and the largest seller of auto insurance. It has set many firsts in their industry including the first to receive payment from a PDA. It is currently ranked number 155 in the latest Fortune 500, moving up every year since 2001. This corporation

Like all the other companies I profiled, Progressive offers several internships. For accouting majors, they have an excellent internship that allows participants to rotate to different positions. It also has internship opportunities in the IT department and also for MBA students.