December 11, 2005

A Final Look at MGMT 250

I am still unsure what I think about this class. Everything that we read or discussed to be pretty much common sense. I am not sure if I actually learned anything new in this class, although some things I already knew have been used in a new way. I think this class could be condensed into half as much time and still contian everything that it did right now. I'm just not sure that this should be a required class for an accounting major or really for anyone besides a MGMT major.

Emotional Competence Inventory

Ok. First of all i can't log into this to actually take the survey, but second of allthere are soooo many questions and I don't think any of us really know our group members well enough to answer most of these questions. We don't deal with conflict that often and we haven't worked together for a long enough time to write anything other than "I don't know" into the response bubble. I think this was a waste of time.

MGMT Blogging

I sort of wonder why blogging was required for MGMT in order to get an A or a B. For SAGES when I have to blog it is used as weekly mini-papers and a chance to write about technology that we have experienced or would like to, it's much more extensive and creative than MGMT bloging. I wonder if the class has gotten anything educational out of this experience or if it is just seen as busy work.

Learning Plan

I'm really dreading re-writing the learning plan. I am pretty much sick of writing it. In class a lot of people said they liked writing it because it made them think about what they are going to do with their lives and how they are going to do it, but for me I already know these things so writing it seemed sort of like a waste of time. I guess it just shows the 2 very different kinds of students in this class.

Conclusion of the Simulation

I am so glad that the simulation is finally over. And all I know is that I never want to be a team leader again. I don't think teams really know how much work goes into editing and keeping people on track and a very unappreciative of that. You turn in a paper that has a few grammar errors and you are grateful that's all that is wrong because the paper turned into you was barely in English.

December 04, 2005

Bluetooth Making Drivers Safer


Take 1: Before the Browns Game
Ok, so Bluetooth technology...It's really cool, and it makes it so you can synch up virtually any device you have that has Bluetooth in it. You can Bluetooth your cell phone, your computer, your headphones, your PDA, your microphone, essentially just about anything you can think of can be made Bluetooth compatible.

Now where I see this being most effective (not my boyfriend's room which has 2 Bluetoothed computers, a cell phone, and a headset in it) is on the road.

Take 2: After the Browns Game - with limited feeling in my lower body

So back to Bluetooth...and driving...the incredible advantage of Bluetooth technology is the fact that it is completely wire free. The distractions and limitations of normal cell phone talking while driving is virtually eliminated (besides the fact that you could be distracted) but you will have both hands available on the wheel.

Also, it makes having 100 different devices all which say 100 different things no longer a problem. You can pull information off of one devices and upload it onto another device without cables or ports, which is also pretty handy.

So, in short, Bluetooth makes life better, it makes things simpler, you no longer have to fight with messy cords, your life wont be a bundle of wires about to take over and strangle you, you wont want to cry because you have more technology than you know what to do with…Bluetooth is good…THE END…

...I don't think I can write anymore...I think I lost an incredible number of brain cells in the cold, hypothermic weather…maybe I can regrow them with stem cells that our country wont support the development of…at least I can feel my feet now…mmm…

PDA - but not in the public displays of affection sense

This past week I spent 3 days in Wooster for a swim meet. Besides the obvious entertainment of swimming and cheering for my teammates when they were swimming (and the occasional water fights and balloon amusements) I was relatively technologically free for the weekend. This was until my parents came up for the meet.

My dad is the recent owner of the Samsung SCH-i730 cell phone It's a phone with full windows and internet access. Now, in between heats of the mile I decided to use Daddy's phone and check my email. Besides not having a very fast connection and taking about 5 min. to load a page (Dad blames Wooster and not Verizon for this problem) the pages that loaded were all out of wack. I had to scroll over and down just to be able to read one full line of text, that is if I could even read the full line.

So naturally I came home and started complaining to Noah about this...and it just so happens he recently did a group project on this problem... and there is actually a relatively easy way to fix this problem. It involves a relatively easy bit of code (which I don't pretend to understand) that the website administrator must use in order to make their site optimized on PDAs.

Now, if this is really as simple as he says I don't understand why every administrator of a major site wouldn't do this. For PDAs to really gain popularity, especially on cell phones as my dad has it, it is unpractical to have to scroll all over the place to check email and other such functions...

So my adivce, do this, that way I don't have to send 10 min. to read a single email...Case...