PDA - but not in the public displays of affection sense

This past week I spent 3 days in Wooster for a swim meet. Besides the obvious entertainment of swimming and cheering for my teammates when they were swimming (and the occasional water fights and balloon amusements) I was relatively technologically free for the weekend. This was until my parents came up for the meet.

My dad is the recent owner of the Samsung SCH-i730 cell phone http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=667. It's a phone with full windows and internet access. Now, in between heats of the mile I decided to use Daddy's phone and check my email. Besides not having a very fast connection and taking about 5 min. to load a page (Dad blames Wooster and not Verizon for this problem) the pages that loaded were all out of wack. I had to scroll over and down just to be able to read one full line of text, that is if I could even read the full line.

So naturally I came home and started complaining to Noah about this...and it just so happens he recently did a group project on this problem...http://leviathan.case.edu/mids301/index.htm and there is actually a relatively easy way to fix this problem. It involves a relatively easy bit of code (which I don't pretend to understand) that the website administrator must use in order to make their site optimized on PDAs.

Now, if this is really as simple as he says I don't understand why every administrator of a major site wouldn't do this. For PDAs to really gain popularity, especially on cell phones as my dad has it, it is unpractical to have to scroll all over the place to check email and other such functions...

So my adivce, do this, that way I don't have to send 10 min. to read a single email...Case...


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