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I sort of wonder why blogging was required for MGMT in order to get an A or a B. For SAGES when I have to blog it is used as weekly mini-papers and a chance to write about technology that we have experienced or would like to, it's much more extensive and creative than MGMT bloging. I wonder if the class has gotten anything educational out of this experience or if it is just seen as busy work.


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I saw some of the blog entries and discussion that was created from the MGMT classes, and as an outsider I think some people did learn from it. I believe the people that benefitted the most were the ones who posted regularly and commented on others postings. I see several benefits, such as some people's general communication skills improved, others realized that their writings were open to the entire world to see, some people learned to accept feedback from others, etc.

I think you get out of something only what you put into it. If someone looks at an assignment as busy work and only does the minimum required than I doubt anything was learned. But than you must ask yourself, would you hire someone that did not look for the benefits in an activity?

I have enjoyed the discussions and postings by you and all your classmates.

I agree Devon, I think the idea was good, to foster discussion outside of class time. I think most people though just their blog as a outlet for complaints, which I must admit I am also guilty of. We have plenty of time for discussion in class and people who have something to say always have the oppurtunity to say it then. Most people do just see it as busy work and then don't write serious entries that could be used as learning experiences for the whole class, which again I am guilty of too. I think if we do this again next semester I am really going to try to make an effort to blog more often and not just the day they are due.

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