August 10, 2006

Thursday August 10th, 2006

After 5 hours of lecture, a half hour of bliss eating outside and another two hours of anatomy (which was about alcoholism and very cool) it was seriously time for football. About an hour or two into our soccer game, I was gunning for the goal and the goalie charged. He was an animal bearing down on me, I didn't know what to do. So I shot, scored, and he crunched his cleat into my ankle all in the same instant. Pretty glamorous, but nobody paid much attention. I iced it until I couldn't feel my foot...but I go to sleep with some great cleat marks. Good fight, good night.

June 09, 2006

Van Fleet's Bachelor Weekend Pictures

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Ithaca, NY June 9th 2006

Phew, back in Ithaca a week and I'm just getting over jetlag from China! The cook st. crew is coming into town tonight.... Let's get serious, I'm just testing this blog to see if it works.