December 01, 2005


This is up to now my last blog entry. Therefore i think that the fair thing to write about is a kind of summary of my overall impression of this course. At the beginning I thought that this course was going to be easy, that it would not require me too much effort, and the fact that there were no final exam made me think that this was goign to be very easy. The reality at almost the end of the course is much more different. Not only i dissagree completely with my opinions from the begining of the course in the sense of complexity, but also now i thinkt that maybe becasue the huge amount of required assignments (if you are aming an A) has made this course one of the most interesting ones that i am taking. Without exams or midterms, i learnt more material than in other subects where exams were required. I am sure that the Learning Pland and many other things we have done in class are going to be really useful not only in a near future, but also further ahead in time.

HR simulation

I want to do my next blog entry in reference of the HR simulation. Today my group and personally myself suffered the most frustrating thing since the simulation started to run. Because of a missinterpretation of one of our figures in the last report, we get worng numbers and figures in this third quarter of the second virtual year. Due to this, we could not normally develope our next quarter report as always, the thing that cause me this dissapointment. It was frustrating just because of the fact that my group and I had put a lot of effort in trying to do things right, in the best possible way,in order to be over the industry numbers in our reports; and as i was saying, the fact that we were not able to run the simulation properly, lead us in a disadvantage point from the competition, lossing from my point of view, the main reason of this simulation...
Any way, i am really glad of having the oportunity to run this simulation, it is/was a great chance to solve HH.RR problems and real incidents where things have more than just one right answer.

November 29, 2005


I want to make my nextblog entry to talk about the exercise we did today in class. I mean the esercise of the hexagon. It was quite ambiguos from my point of view, due to the possibility of finding yourself in opposite corners. It was about to find were would you like to be, and not were you think you are, but as one of the student saids, you might find yourself in opposite corners. it was not my case, but it could happen.
I guess that it is a matter of the idea of yourself...

LP date due

I want to make my next blog entry to talk about the learning plan. After reading the sillabus, i thought i was supposes to handle it in last November the 22nd. After the class, and when I thought i was going to finaly give it to professor Powley, suprisingly for me, he told me just ot write in which points of my paper i would like to get a feedback from the teacher or the TA, which caused me two feelings. Firstly i thought that it was a great idea to get a primarly feedback in order to be able to get a better performance in the final paper. But at the same time, and surely because I did not hear it in class, i was dissapointed after the three days i had to finnish it, because personally I think I would have made a much better job with more time. I guess that the lesson to learn about this is that I have to pay more attentio in which papers are suppose to be handed in which days.

Learning Plan Feedback ¿?

i would like to talk about the learning plan. more specifically aobout the feedback we were suppossed to give to the other classmates we were randomly distributed. I read throught the LP of the other guy, but i was feeling like reading material that did not concerned me. I know it is just a feedback in those points I felt he had a lack, but some of the things I read were maybe too personal, and even thought the other student did not tell me anything, I felt like hearing something i was not supposed to hear.
In what it concerns to me, i don't really care that the others read mine, but that might be just because i am a really open minded guy.

November 01, 2005


I want to talk about the Harrah's Casino assignment. After finishing the reading, I saw how important customer service is in a firm. By getting fixed the bad situation in the firm, Marylin Winn (the human resources manager) reached great numbers in the turnover, in the customer service ,etc... "Everything has a bad thing", and in this case the diminishing rate in profit is the lack of the program. But I believe that it is worth it, that after a certain time this downhill path in the revenues graph of the company, will recover by itself, but this wont happen by automatically with the turnover ratio of Harrah's or even the Customer Service survey.

Do not lie in interview..

My next blog entry is going to be realted to today's class. Why or why not should we lie in job interviews? This was actually one of the topics we talk with the Career Center Professor. The main idea is that if you lie, you are not honest, you accept more than one offer, you don't respond to the offer you get, etc .. everything can turn against you. Companies might know that in a certain period of time you lied other firm, so they might not trust you fully. They may think you are going to be dishonest with them somewhen.
So that why is important to tell the truth, but I believe that this is just a matter of morale. ( may be this explains why integrity was my second value in the exercise done in class some weeks ago)