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March 16, 2005

Default Printer Preferences for All Users

In the Nord Lab I have a Minolta Di251f copier/fax/scanner/printer indentical to those all over campus. Like many departments, the console is setup so you need to pick your name from a list and enter in your password, in an attempt to track printing. It is also neccessary to enter these codes into a user's printer preferences, otherwise the print jobs are discarded. Using registry auditing I was able to identify this registry key changing every time I configured the copier access code & password:


Every printer apparently has a key like this, and within it is a binary value called 'DevMode'. I then exported this key, resulting in a 26KB file. Next, I did a "regedit /s copier-code.reg" on another machine, and the copier code/password (along with other printer preferences) were automatically set! Once I solved this mystery, I set the login script to run regedit and merge this key upon user login.

There is a knowledge base article entitled KB305402: HOW TO: Change Printing Preferences on Print Server for All Connected Users but it didn't seem to work for the particular printer settings I was interested in.

Posted by djc6 at March 16, 2005 12:13 AM

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I was looking for the default password to use the copier, and oddly enough, this blog post comes up first page of Google when you search for "minolta copier di251f default password".

Posted by: anon e. mouse at September 28, 2008 08:55 PM