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August 24, 2008

Enabling MathType macros by default in Office 2007

One of the biggest complaints in the lab is that when a user starts Office for the first time, they are greeted with a security warning asking them to enable/disable the macros for MathType. People always click disable macros because it is the default option, or don't know/care what MathType is, but selecting Disable Macros has other effects on Office, such as disabling printing.

I set out to find a way of trusting this publisher by default, so the MathType macros work by default, and people aren't prompted to enable them. The process involves extracting the Office 2007 install media from the Software Center package, running the Office 2007 Customization Tool, and adding the certificate of the publisher (Digital Science Inc.) to the list of trusted publishers.

First we extract the digital certificate used to sign MathType:

Next, we extract the Office 2007 media from the Software Center package and run the Office 2007 Customization Tool:

Now you can either deploy the .MSP by publishing it as a software package in Active Directory, or you can double click on it to change the configuration of the current computer.

You can also replace the case_full.MSP file in the Updates folder so these configuration changes affect future installs of Office 2007.

You can use this method to make other changes to the Office 2007 configuration that you can't do via the Office 2007 Administrative Template files. For more information on deployment visit Change users' configurations after installing the 2007 Office system

Posted by djc6 at August 24, 2008 07:19 PM

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