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August 30, 2005

Working and Playing

Attending class is just one part of the college experience. Students have to fill their time doing other activities – studying and playing. What was the best/worst job you had at the University? What were the most memorable or unforgettable activities that you participated in?

For a glimpse of what other students did in their free time, see our Dormitory Life exhibit’s Work and Play page.

Tom Steman
University Archives

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August 23, 2005

Good food?

You often hear complaints about campus food. Was there anything you remember as good? a favorite dessert or dish that people really looked forward to?

Helen Conger
University Archives

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August 18, 2005

Favorite Traditions

In our Dormlife Scrapbook, we have a page about dormitory traditions that shows move-in day, the men of Adelbert serenading the women of Mather, the Southside Olympics, the Inter-Dorm dance, a holiday celebration, and a softball game between rival dorms.

Do you have memories of any of these events? What dormitory traditions were special to you?

Heather Henderson
University Archives

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August 16, 2005

Things You Couldn't Live Without

While looking for pictures showing dorm room decorating styles over the years, we were struck by how much stuff students were able to pack into their rooms. Still, the accommodations in most dorm rooms were not palatial and most students probably had to be selective in what they brought to campus. So, I'm wondering how people chose that one thing they had to bring to campus.
Jill Tatem
University Archives

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August 09, 2005

Technology is relative

Technology is a relative term. When Pierce Hall first opened in 1882, there were no bathrooms - a privy was outside. To students of an earlier era, plumbing and electricity (things taken for granted today) were a great technology. College students also survived as recently as 10 years ago without cell phones, laptops, iPods, and PDA's. What kinds of "technology" did you have in your dorm? typewriters? TV's? a phonograph or stereo? just a lamp and a radio?

Helen Conger
University Archives

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Dormitory Room Decoration

As the images have shown on our dorm life exhibit, room decor has transformed over the past 100 years. The cozy home feel of Guilford and Mather Houses, to the rigid stark features of Pardee, Yost, and Claud Foster Halls, to loft beds and co-ed arrangements in the northside and southside dorm complexes. Yet students have successfully adapted to their surroundings. How times have changed!

Please share your experiences about room décor! How did it influence you during your time at the University? What did you like about room décor? What did you hate? What cannot you forget?

Tom Steman
University Archives

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Dorm life between 1965 and 1972

I would love to know more about the dorm life of people who were here between 1965 and 1972 or so. In doing research for this exhibit, it seemed to me that dormitory life must have changed more during the decade between 1965 and 1975 than it did for several decades before and after. I'm thinking in terms of standards of dress at meals and formality of meals, as well as things like how laundry got done or parietal rules. It must have been very interesting to be living on campus during a time when so many things were changing!

(We have a page in our Dormlife exhibit about dormitory rules.)

Heather Arnold Henderson
University Archives

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Dorm Cooking

Prohibitions against cooking in dorm rooms are of long standing and include very pointed prohibitions of specific cooking devices (e.g., hot plates, toaster ovens, microwaves). Infractions by those who have graduated are probably beyond the statute of limitations so... what was your greatest dorm cooking triumph? What was the most awful concoction you (or your suitemates) created? From reports in the Mather College yearbooks, fudge seems to have been a perennial favorite. Check the poem at the bottom of Food, Glorious Food.
Jill Tatem
University Archives

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