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September 30, 2005

Faculty-Student Housing

We have found intriguing references to the fact that Case Institute faculty took into their homes approximately 30 students in the fall of 1956 because Pardee was not completed by the start of the fall semester Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to identify who the faculty or students were. I realize this is almost 50 years ago, but it would be fun to hear those reminiscences.
Jill Tatem
University Archives

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September 26, 2005

Dorm life Images


I love this image, which appears in our Dormlife Scrapbook, both because of the Mod Squad kind of feel and because of the liberal use of posters to line the walls. The occupant of the room really made a statement about the scope of his or her interests. The other day I walked by the poster sale going on outside of Thwing, and noticed the array of movies, music, and art that were represented. I guess this urge to personalize has not diminished.

It is possible to post pictures to this blog. We would love to see any pictures of dormlife you would like to share. When you are creating an entry, simply click on Upload File in the left menu. Then click on the Choose File button. You can then browse the files on your computer to find the photograph you want to post with your entry. After you have selected the photograph, click the Upload button. You can then add a related story or caption for the photo.

Heather Henderson
University Archives

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September 22, 2005

Construction, or How I lived through the mess

Many of our dormitories opened while still under construction or remodelling - please share your memories of what is was like. Did it bring the residents closer together (kind of like "we've been through the war together" attitude)?

Helen Conger
University Archives

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September 16, 2005

Learn by Doing?

During the Case for Community Day, I was talking to two alums. When I asked if they had lived in dorms and mentioned the Dorm Life project, they both began telling me some of their recollections. One involved an unfortunate meeting of a hot curling iron and a bedspread and the resulting notoriety of having caused an unpleasant evacuation of the dorm. The other I’m still trying to figure out. It had something to do with a beer keg and lengths of hose and principles of hydraulics. I think there was chemistry involved somehow. Application of classroom lessons to real life needs, I guess. I urged both alums to share their stories. Both seemed strangely reluctant to associate their mature and responsble selves with these memorable student learning experiences. Go figure.
Jill Tatem
University Archives

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September 06, 2005

How to post to the Dormlife Blog

This blog was set up by the University Archives, with the help of the wonderful Blog@Case people, to allow alumni to share reminiscences of their dormitory experiences. There are two ways to participate: posting an entry and commenting on an entry already posted.

We would like to encourage Alumni to log in to Blog@Case to post entries. Please feel free to post entries responding to Archives' staff postings or questions, begin new threads on the established topics, or begin new threads on new topics. More information about how Alumni can get access to Blog@Case can be found in our Dormlife Blog How-To's.

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More information about logging in, posting, and commenting can be found at http://www.case.edu/its/archives/dormitorylife/bloghowtos.htm.

Don't be shy! We love to hear stories about the school's history, and we'd love to hear from you.

Heather Henderson
University Archives

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September 01, 2005

Blackacre Trailer Camp

One of my favorite “student residences” was the Blackacre Trailer Camp, one of Western Reserve University’s responses to the need to house married veterans returning to school after World War II. There are pictures in the Dorm Life scrapbook. What surprised me was the length of time the trailer camp was in use, 1947-1955, much longer than I had expected. According to articles in the student newspaper, the Reserve Tribune, Blackacre operated as a student co-op. WRU owned the land, but each family paid for its own trailer. Other expenses were shared by all the families and each contributed communal labor to maintain and improve the facility. There seem to have been between six and twelve families in residence at a time. I’d love to hear from the Blackacre children about their recollections of University trailer living.
Jill Tatem
University Archives

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