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October 14, 2005

Miscellaneous Pardee Hall Memories from 1957

Tim W. Elder sent these recollections to the Archives to share:

My roommate lost a portable typewriter on his desk. His younger brother became a famous football player.

The automobile turned upside down (downside up??) in Glennen's parking place. Some took advantage by salvaging a few parts.

Throwing Frisbees in the corridor. They skip well off the hard floor and walls, and also the fluorescent tubes.

Someone on the second floor complaining that a stereo on the first floor was too loud--after it bounced off a Reserve building.

Guys in ROTC uniforms, sure looked like policemen at night, directing Euclid traffic up the Case driveway. Semis, particularly, had a tough time getting turned around.

Exploring buildings under construction.

The blossoms around Wade Park pond were beautiful one spring--trouble is I forget which year.

The Rolls-Royce club starting a tour from our parking lot--sure disturbed studying for finals for me!

Someone on the second floor rolling barbells on the floor--sure made a racket in the room below.

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