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October 14, 2005

The Dinner Dress Code

I arrived on the Case campus in the fall of 1969. In the orientations materials I had received from the school, they told us that jackets and ties were required at dinner. As I did not have a jacket at that time, my older cousin took me shopping, and bought me two sport coats.

On our first day on campus, there was discussion about this in the suite before we went to dinner, but we all dressed as advised. By day two, however, many had stopped wearing the formal clothes, and within a few days it was anything goes. My guess is that the rules had stopped being enforced a year or two before, but no one revised the orientation materials: an expensive omission for those of us who didn't know any better.

I was also advised to sew my name into all my clothing. My mother had labels made up with my name on them, and dutifully sewed them onto each garment, as well as my towels. Although all the clothing is long gone, I still have some of the towels that I bought to bring to school (which I use as rags), and when I see that name tag, I think back on my first few days as a freshman.

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