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October 26, 2005

More Rules to Live By

I thought listing some of the "sillier" rules regarding living in dormitories might be fun. We have already listed some of these rules on our Dorm Life exhibit, but I thought it would be worth mentioning a few more.

Searching through the 1950s Case Institute of Technology rules and regulations for dormitories, these might give you a chuckle:

Laundry and Lavatories:

A laundry room equipped with coinamoatic washing machines and dryer, as well as with ironing boards and irons, is provided in the basement of each dormitory. The washbowls in the lavatories may not be used for laundry. The laundry room and the lavatories must be left clean after use.

Maid Service:

Maid service is maintained according to a schedule determined by the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. In general, maids change bed linens and thoroughly clean the rooms once a week. In addition, they visit each room daily to empty the wastebasket and ashtrays and to do such minor cleaning as time will allow.


The housing of dogs, cats, birds, snakes and all other sorts of pets is prohibited, with one exception: goldfish are tolerated, but not encouraged. Case reserves the right to evict them, also.


Games of catch, touch football and the like are not allowed in front of either dormitory. Such activities pose a great hazard to windows, passing autos, stray pedestrians and lawns. Use another open space or an empty parking lot for your activity. You might work off your excess energy at the gymnasium.

Window Sills:

Articles should not be placed on the window sills, nor should lighted cigarettes or any refuse be thrown from the window.

Tom Steman
University Archives

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