September 26, 2005

Dorm life Images


I love this image, which appears in our Dormlife Scrapbook, both because of the Mod Squad kind of feel and because of the liberal use of posters to line the walls. The occupant of the room really made a statement about the scope of his or her interests. The other day I walked by the poster sale going on outside of Thwing, and noticed the array of movies, music, and art that were represented. I guess this urge to personalize has not diminished.

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Heather Henderson
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September 06, 2005

How to post to the Dormlife Blog

This blog was set up by the University Archives, with the help of the wonderful Blog@Case people, to allow alumni to share reminiscences of their dormitory experiences. There are two ways to participate: posting an entry and commenting on an entry already posted.

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Don't be shy! We love to hear stories about the school's history, and we'd love to hear from you.

Heather Henderson
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