September 01, 2006

Career Development Center and Returning Orientation

I was inspired to blog after this morning's returning student orientation at ye olde PBL. It is clear that serious changes are happening at Weatherhead, and for the better. The school is obviously in flux. We have a superior interim dean team - Professors Reddy and Grant are top notch faculty with great reputations in and out of the classroom and, as I understand it, strong support from the faculty.

Wouldn't a search committee, which I assume will form after Case has a president (unless it has already formed and I just haven't heard), want the same qualities in a permanent dean team? Haven't so many of WSOM's issues stemmed from gaps between administration and faculty? I don't know if Professors Reddy and Grant have any interest in being permanent deans. If they are I missing something here? Let's cut a ribbon or something, or bash a bottle of champagne against the USS Peter B. Lewis.

I'd also like to give an extended shout out to the Career Development Center. That was a fabulous presentation you gave this morning. It gave me great confidence that I now have an effective resource to help me focus my career plans and get that first job out of Weatherhead. Regina has done a great job setting the agenda and snagging a high-class team. I'll be harassing y'all a lot starting soon.

Welcome back 2nd years, welcome new people. Let's make sure to socialize while we dig into the trenches for the coming semester.

December 09, 2005

My MBAC423 Final Project

Check out my project. I'll appreciate constructive comments from my classmates, and thank you in advance. Enjoy!

December 06, 2005

The Hugeness of My Project

I turned in my project today -- about 8 minutes before it would be too late. The project - a radio program - turned out to be about 35 megabytes. Big MP3. I'm not sure I'll be able to upload it. Anyone who wants to hear it can request a CD from me (dww11 at case dot edu). Anyone who doesn't want to hear it can buy a CD from me and then throw it away.

November 29, 2005

My Project

Tune in soon - you'll be able to download and listen to my final semester project for MBAC423 Information Design and Management. My project is called, "Airplanes, Hurricanes, and the Internet: A Creative Approach to Disaster Planning." It will be an mp3. I hope it won't be too large. If it is too large, you'll be able to purchase CDs here for a modest fee. I'll have financing options available. You might want to forego that mortgage you were considering.

November 22, 2005

Two cool companies

These are two companies that do some very cool work.


My first ever links on my blog. Let me pause for a moment to applaud myself. There, that felt good.

November 18, 2005


I started this blog so that I could have some webspace for my MBAC423 project. Stay tuned for that. Who am I telling to stay tuned? Myself. Because nobody in the whole world is paying any attention to this blog. What is the sound of one blog blogging?

A file I uploaded

Download file