Excerpt from Learn AI: Machine Learning and Deep Learning Online Courses

Below is an excerpt of an article published recently on OpenCourser about Artificial Intelligence, particularly in two branches, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Follow the link to read the full article.

The first set of courses here are meant to help you establish a foundational understanding. Some of these courses, or collections of courses, may also cover advanced topics. No matter how advanced they get though, they’ll always start on the ground floor—these courses are designed for all learners, including those entirely new to AI.

The next set of courses focus on introducing AI in context of specific tools, techniques, and applications. These courses lean heavily towards teaching practical "how-to” knowledge. Compare that to the first set of courses, which balance theory and science with practice.

We recommend taking these courses to extend existing knowledge or to ramp up quickly. If you’re looking to implement AI algorithms in a short amount of time, start with these courses.

Our last segment looks at online courses that focus on specific techniques powered by tools like Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Spark. These courses require prior knowledge of ML and DL and are designed with advanced learners and industry practitioners in mind.

We recommend these courses to deepen your expertise or to help prepare for a career in AI.


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