Summer reading--recommendations needed

As the School of Nursing's Associate Dean for International Health, I decided I needed to get more depth of my understanding on the larger internationalization trends. The health pieces I understand in some depth with my contacts at WHO, PAHO and the international nursing and health communities.
I "read"* Thomas Friedman's "Longitudes and Attitudes: The World in the Age of Terrorism" (2003) and am now almost finishing "The Lexus and the Olive Tree." I like Friedman's approach because he clearly identifies the intertwining of the political and economic but also with the environmental and, most importantly, cultural. It all has special relevance this week because of the London bombings.

I also read Tracy Kidder's "Mountains Beyond Mountains" which is the campus read for fall term SAGES. Kidder certainly nails the WHO which he describes as bureaucratic and risk averse. He doesn't really identify an alternative, however, and it shouldn't be too surprising that a politically-bound and -dependent international body would be conservative and risk averse. See also the UN...

So what other books should I be digging into during my summer reading extravaganza? Anything that counters Tom Friedman's focus on the market-driven capitalist system but is not a manifesto?

*"read" as in listened to on tape in the car, unabridged, read by the author, which was enjoyable. (Some authors should not read their own work--this is not the case here.)


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