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July 21, 2006

DeWine on Wiretapping

DeWine's "decision to consider introducing a bill that would require Internet providers to make their systems easier for law enforcement to wiretap puts him in the center of an issue that touches on Internet security, national security, civil liberty and politics." His "proposal would expand the" '94 CALEA requirement to broadband providers, legislation which "required telephone companies to set up their infrastructure more easily."
Security advocates agree with the proposal and "argue the government should have what it needs to gather information on criminals and terrorists." Security and telecommunications company VeriSign's Tony Rutkowski "calls such capability 'nuts and bolts investigative forensics.'" However, "critics say such a program would give the government the power to track information on innocent people." Electronic Privacy Information Center staff counsel Sherwin Siy "said the Internet is technologically different from phone companies and expanding the" '94 "law would create security loopholes." Siy: "It's part of a growing attitude, I think, that surveillance should be a way of life for people... They assume that this information should not be private, and I think that's a terrible way to go" (Wehrman, Dayton Daily News, 7/20).

Excpert from The National Journal

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