Just What Are Dreams Made Of?

We all have dreams. Some are fleeting. Some enduring. And some border on obsession.

I've had a dream that I've thought about at least a few times a day for about... well, let's just say since I was 13 and leave it at that. Some would call that an obsession but for now it's just a dream. You see, for as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a filmmaker. Up through High School I was obsessed with making movies and actually made some. My friends and I made at least a hundred nonsensical little films over the years. Nothing of any true worth to anyone other than those who made them, but they were a dream come true for me to make them.

But then came college, a "career", a family and my obsession was de-prioritized back into dream status. My friends both went on to start successful careers in the film industry. (One is an Editor the other a Director) But I took the "safe" road and studied Computer Engineering in college. I put my dream/obsession on hold. And that is where it has remained for too many years.

Suddenly I find that dream taunting me again. I look around and see a nice video camera that only gets used on vacations. I see the video editing software on my computer with nothing to edit. I see myself watching TV and movies. Now I'm thinking to myself that if I cut down on my TV and computer games I just might find some time to DO SOMETHING!

Of course I'm no longer satisfied with making nonsensical little films. I want to make something that others would want to see. That in turn takes a lot of work. And a lot of TEAMWORK. Making a good movie is not a solitary endeavor and my old filmmaking friends have long ago moved to the West Coast and created their own dreams. But I have cleared my first hurdle. I have overcome my unfounded fear that I can't write. (I may not be able to write WELL, but I can write) So I am hard at work on my first two short film scripts. It may not seem like much but it's the biggest move I have made in about... well let's just say since High School and leave it at that.

As long as I keep moving I'll get there. If you are interested in filmmaking I have created a local mailing list https://lists.case.edu/wws/info/filmmaking. Please join the list and let's encourage each other to keep moving.


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