December 11, 2005

Switch from Blogs to Forums

This is my last blog. The whole blogging experience has been interesting. I think it could have been a lot more useful if the format was easier to use. Think if we used more of a forum system it would stimulate more discussion, as things would be divided by topics and not people. It just seems that people write and reflect, but we never really discuss things on the blogs. Having a forum format would encourage more discussion. I did this in an AP English class in highschool and it worked quite well. This may be something future MGMT 250 professors may want to consider.

Eric Harrison

Tom Medola

Firing Tom Mendola would be the correct thing to do. He was dead weight to the company, and eventually got to the stage where he was slowing other worker’s performance. He was reprimanded several times, and still did not pick up his performance. If his family was that important to him he shouldn’t have slacked on the job.

It was really interesting in class the arguments made on each side. I think we had some very good discussion.

December 08, 2005

Patrick Keebler Helped Give My Life Direction

I had a meeting with Patrick Keebler the other day, and he helped me figure out my life. I recommend everyone take the Strong Interest survey and get a meeting with him.

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Switch up the Groups

I think we should switch up the groups for next semester. Although my group worked fairly well together, I think it would be much more interesting to switch up groups. I think we would gain more from the exercise by having the experience of different styles of leadership and personalities. Also, I think it would be good to switch the leadership. Some students may be very vocal in class and were chosen for leaders, but being vocal and being a leader are two different things. A change of leadership and groups would benefit everyone.

Eric Harrison

November 15, 2005

Class Discussions Part II

Today we discussed performance appraisals in class. Today was had the largest number of ridiculous comments I have ever heard in one classroom.

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November 06, 2005

Real-World Experience

I think we need to get more real-world experience in order to be top-notch managers when we get our degrees. Even if it is just field trips, I think it would definitely help. We are very close to downtown, I think it would be fun to get out of the classroom and go meet people and maybe go on a little tour. I am sure business would like to do it as a chance to get their name out for quality interns. I think it would be much more informative than an interview. Besides, field trips are fun.

Harsh Grading

The grading is pretty harsh in this class. I know they’re trying to keep us sharp and competitive and that, but when I get a D- on my learning plan it does not make me want to work harder, it just makes me angry. I spent a lot of time on that thing and I don’t feel its right to have someone judge my work like that. I know the thing wasn’t gold, but goodness, a D-??? I personally have difficulty writing those kinds of papers. If you wanted me to prove why sugar was a major factor in industrializing Europe, or why hydrogen power is silly, I can do that. The objective is clear. Just a general instructions of “Write a learning plan,” isn’t going to work. Maybe an example would be nice.

The point of this class is supposed to help us and prepare us for our careers. It is only accomplishing one of those goals. It may help me prepare a little, but by getting low scores, it is definitely not helping my future. Getting B’s is not helping my future. I have taken engineering courses, and the difficulty is similar. I just think the harsh grading is doing more harm than good.