Harsh Grading

The grading is pretty harsh in this class. I know they’re trying to keep us sharp and competitive and that, but when I get a D- on my learning plan it does not make me want to work harder, it just makes me angry. I spent a lot of time on that thing and I don’t feel its right to have someone judge my work like that. I know the thing wasn’t gold, but goodness, a D-??? I personally have difficulty writing those kinds of papers. If you wanted me to prove why sugar was a major factor in industrializing Europe, or why hydrogen power is silly, I can do that. The objective is clear. Just a general instructions of “Write a learning plan,” isn’t going to work. Maybe an example would be nice.

The point of this class is supposed to help us and prepare us for our careers. It is only accomplishing one of those goals. It may help me prepare a little, but by getting low scores, it is definitely not helping my future. Getting B’s is not helping my future. I have taken engineering courses, and the difficulty is similar. I just think the harsh grading is doing more harm than good.


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I feel this change in grading is the attempt to make MGMT a real class...but it isn't going to happen, we'll all get an A, don't worry.

I also feel that the grading in this class is a little tough. While I have heard that the majority of students in the class do receive A's, I find it hard to believe that after receiving D's and C's on my paper that i'll be able to pull out an A in the end.

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