Matlab code working

It took me longer than I had intended, partly because I was re-learning to use Matlab and partly because I've written something more general than I had originally set out to, but my attempt at replicating a GRN model from literature is up and running. I've written some code that makes it easy for me to convert a list of "Node A activates Node B and Node C inhibits it" type interactions into a fully-specified GRN, and I'm using that to try and replicate Li et al's yeast cell cycle network.

So far, the network I have isn't behaving the same as the one reported in their paper, but I haven't done anywhere near enough debugging yet. I'll be spending tomorrow doing just that, because the chances are the lack of correspondence between my results and theirs stems from a logic error in my code.

Oh, and it's been really nice interacting with Matlab again. I had forgotten quite how much I liked it as a development environment.


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