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March 31, 2009

Research Showcase 2009

Members of the Geological Sciences Department will be presenting results of their research this year at Research Showcase, held April 16, 2009 in the Veale Center.

This year's presentations include:

Geochemical Correlation of Volcanic Ash Deposits in the Woranso-Mille Paleontological Study Area in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, Josh Angelini with Beverly Saylor.

Particle Mixing of Marine Sediment by the Capitellid Worm Heteromastus filiformis, Rita Cabral with Gerry Matisoff and Peter McCall.

An examination of the Noachian/Hesperian Geological Contact in Northeast Syrtis Major, Mars, Julianne Griswold with Ralph Harvey.

Using Hf-W Isotopes to Understand the Evolution of Early Solar System Materials, Leslie Hayden with Jim Van Orman.

The Effect of Cation-Vacancy Bound Pairs on Diffusion of Trivalent Cations through Forsterite, Clark Short with Jim Van Orman.

Little Fluctuations in Antarctic Plateau Interior Since Later Pliocene Revealed by Cosmogenic Exposure Dating, Dejun Tan with Ralph Harvey.

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