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Case Geophysicist Selected for MESSENGER Mission

Prof. Steven Hauck was recently selected to join NASA's
MESSENGER Mission to Mercury as a Participating Scientist.

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Case Professor Picks Prime Martian Real Estate

Jezero Crater, put forward by Prof. Harvey as a potential landing site for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover (launch in 2009), makes the short list of top candidates.

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Soil sampling in Poland and Sweden

Prof. Matisoff and Lauren Vitko traveled to Poland and Sweden to collect soil samples to study the migration rates of Chernobyl fallout.

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Journal Club

Meetings will be Tuesdays from 11-Noon in 104 AW Smith during Fall semester.

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Welcome Back Picnic

3PM Sunday, September 2nd

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Prof. Saylor on CSI hunt to date hominid fossils

Prof. Beverly Saylor recently discussed her ongoing research to date hominid fossils in Ethiopia.

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Research ShowCASE 2007

Eight students are presenting the results of their research with faculty in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University's annual Research ShowCASE, held Thursday, April 12, 2007 in the Veale Convocation Center.

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Pictures from 2007 Death Valley Field Trip

Students and faculty in the GEOL 317 Field Methods course just returned from the biennial trek to Death Valley. Professors Beverly Saylor and Peter McCall led a group of 12 on a week-long trip to southern California and Nevada. Pictures of the trip are available at Death Valley Photobucket

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