1) Login to your blog.

Screenshot of the login form

2) Click on your blog to begin configuring it, personalizing it, and adding entries.

Screenshot of the main blog admin interface

Blog admin interface navigational menuThe navigational bar on the left hand side of the page allows you to choose whether or not you want to create a new entry, see a listing of you current entries, add/remove/edit your categories, change the templates and styles applied to your blog's pages, and more...

On the main page to your blog's administrative interface,
there are links to extra documentation.

Links back to Movable Type's online help documentation

3) To begin, you can start by adding some categories...

Screenshot of categories manipulation page

... Or by changinging the layout of your sites by editing the templates...

Screenshot of the manipulate templates page

... Or, click on the "New Entry" button, and begin writing a blog entry.

Create an Entry

4) Finally, save your entry and view your web page.

Save your entry