July 06, 2005

Google Maps API + Case Wiki = Map of Wiki Entries

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Some previous posts (1, 2) touched on the subject of using the new Google Maps API to integrate with the Case Wiki.

Well, I have done just that. Check out CaseWiki:Map for a Google Satellite Map of the Case Quad with many of the buildings marked. Click on the little balloon to see the name of the building. The name itself is a link, so clicking on it will take you to the wiki article for that building. Like all Google maps, clicking and dragging will pan the map.

I also made the map so that double clicking on a point will display the coordinates for that point directly under the map. This makes it easy to find coordinates to geo tag your entries. *NOTE* It is possible to turn on double click editing in the wiki preferences. If you want to find a coordinate, you might want to turn this off!

Currently, I am directly connecting to the database to obtain the coordinates for points in the wiki. This is no fun. By the end of the day I should have a primitive web service on the wiki that returns an XML document containing all of the geo-tagged entries in the wiki. That way, others can start playing around with the data.

If you have some free time today, why don't you head over to the Case Wiki and get tag some entries. Better yet, add some content of your own!


You can ping this entry by using http://blog.case.edu/gps10/mt-tb.cgi/1779 .

Here in [[ITS]], we've begun some earnest talks on location based services. Location based services are hard to talk about....

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That's neat!

I was thinking, it would be amazing to use google maps to map the inside of the library (can it do interiors, I thought I read about that somewhere?), and then when one searches for a book it could automatically link to the location in the library.

Posted by Aaron Shaffer at July 6, 2005 12:51 PM

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