August 28, 2006

Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education is a program offerred by Google that provides free e-mail, calendar, and instant messenger hosting for educational institutions-- for free. According to this page

For example, by using our APIs to tie Google Apps for Education in with your existing registration systems, you could automatically create a student's email address and add them to relevant mailing lists when they sign up for classes.
Some other features which are pretty cool and are currently not done by Case's Oracle products:
  • Set up a calendar of events during the academic year, and share it with the entire student body (there will be no excuse for missing that class registration deadline). Students can also share schedules with select classmates in order to better coordinate activities.
  • Students get 2 gigabytes of email storage; so they never have to delete old mail again.
  • Students can add meetings to their calendars without ever leaving their Gmail inboxes. Google Apps for Education recognizes events mentioned in emails and gives them the option to directly add them to their calendars.
  • Students can use Gmail's browser-based instant messaging to get immediate homework help from classmates.

This would be a great alternative to the Oracle products the university now uses. The services are based on standards. There is a friendly API. The services are easier to use. There is a lower TCO. Sounds cool. Somebody should sign up for the online seminars.


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I saw this last night and poked around. I couldn't find any documentation on creating and deleting accounts, though (

Posted by Jeremy Smith at August 28, 2006 02:06 PM

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