March 07, 2007

Is MySpace Really That Popular

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I have used Facebook since it became a hit with CWRU students a few years ago. I knew about MySpace, but nobody in college seemed to use it, so I never really went to the site. A few weeks ago, I had a need to create a MySpace account. Ever since, I have been scratching my head as to how this site is among the ten most popular in the world.

My biggest gripes are:

  • Frequent service failures. I have received numerous error messages when performing page requests. Usually, just a refresh corrects the issue. Still...
  • People load some outrageous CSS and content on their profile pages, making the site almost unusable
  • Random people ask to be my friend. Half these "people" share the same set of friends, which all happen to be barely clothed and seem interested in getting to know you in that special way

Between these three, I'm not sure why people tolerate the site. My theory, which is enforced by the success of American Idol, is that mediocrity sells.


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Agreed! Mediocrity does seem to sell, although no one could tell you why!

Posted by Jon at March 7, 2007 08:45 AM

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