March 10, 2007

Get Your Act Together Comcast

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I selected Comcast as my ISP because there are few viable alternatives to providers that carry both internet and cable in my area. Since day one, I realized that they really don't have their act together.

For starters, my do-it-yourself cable modem starter kit was not fully registered with their systems. In the ideal world, you hook everything up yourself, enter in some numbers on your cable modem, and are all set. My experience involved calling Comcast and waiting for them to provision the modem in their database. Ugh.

On my first bill, I was surprised that it was $71, considerably more than the $33/mo promotional offer I signed up for. After another phone call, I got that straightened out.

Then, there is the matter of my name. See for yourself.

The main account screen is OK. My name is spelled fine.

The account profile form lists my name correctly.

But the billing page has my name butchered.

The billing name is the spelling they used when I called to set up my account. Even though I remember explicitly spelling my name, there it is, butchered. Anyway, when I get my bill in the mail, my name is spelled wrong. A few weeks ago, I was receiving notices from credit card companies stating that they were unable to verify my identity and they needed a copy of a utility statement with my name on it. Well, at that point, none of my other utilities had sent statements. So, I had to rely on the Comcast bill with my name spelled wrong. I bet you can guess how fun that was.

Bottom line, Comcast obviously has its internal issues. It is unfortunate that I am forced to use their products. And I'm definitely not going to be investing any money in CCT any time soon.


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