September 16, 2007

Another Rant on Social Bookmarking Sites

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Sometimes I can't help but feel that popular social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit are overrun by a bunch of ten year olds. With top links of the day like "the scariest photo you will see all day" or "the most interesting story you will read all week," these sites can be extremely juvenile. I admit there are some amazing things posted to these sites, which is why I check them every once in a while, but I am always amazed at the stupidity of the masses when it comes to "voting up" some of these juvenile posts.

In related news, I find it interesting how much cherry picking goes on for these stories. Case in point, in the most recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, there was an excellent bit about web companies using baby talk (e.g. Yahoo, Google, Bebo). Following that was a piece about early iPhone adopters whining about the price decrease. However, these social bookmarking sites exploded with the piece about 9/11 conspiracy theorists (Digg top story). Strangely, the bit about the iPhone, which is a lightening rod for top stories on these bookmarking sites, has not taken off. Too bad, because, in my opinion, the bit about the iPhone was even funnier than the comments about 9/11. The part about the lack of progress at Ground Zero was also more relevant than the conspiracy bit, again, in my opinion. Anyway, I'm sure that once someone posts just the iPhone segment to Youtube, the social bookmarking sites will discover it and vote it up. Anyway, the entire segment is on YouTube. It is all great commentary, which is why I pay for HBO instead of letting the YouTube and social bookmarking sites cherry pick the parts they like the most.


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For the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, they know their theories or crazy stories will not reach the mainstream media, so they will use social networking sites, tech blogs, or anything not even related to spread their message. Then it is the job of everyone else to "bury" their article or respond with factual statements or opposite arguments to quiet them.

At least you can appreciate that there are some sensible folks out there who are not paranoid and working to debunk those theories, and vice versa.

I would say that the new Internet users are more immature and a bit slow in the web etiquette arena. As for labelling stories that are the most wicked, the most stupid, the most idiotic, just stick to the title of the story, and let the people decide. The 10-year-olds are the ones that post "You suck" or "that's cool" or " :) ".

The iPhone whiners, stop complaining. If the technology goes new every few months, you always expect a price cut. Look at the CPU upgrades, I would say the upgrades are happening much more quickly, thus the price cuts occur more often. If you whine, then you are the one with the tight wallet. Maybe you should not have bought it in the first place. Those folks are the cheapskates.

I'll jump off the soapbox for now.

Posted by James Chang at September 17, 2007 10:20 AM

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