February 06, 2008

Why Can't They Get This Voting Thing Right

Posted at February 6, 2008 11:20 PM in politics .

When I moved to California in Jan 2007, I didn't feel like declaring a party affiliation. But, come election time, I decided to change it from non-partisan to a specific party. I made the change well before the voter registration deadline and received confirmation in the mail. But, when I showed up to the polling place yesterday for the California primary, they had me registered as non-partisan. If you believe the online community, apparently I wasn't alone.

The worst part about it was that when I said something about a phone number you can call (California has a toll-free number to call regarding voting issues), the people at the polling place knew nothing of it and told me to call another number, which I did, and got somebody's personal voice mail.

You'd think that the poll workers would at least be competent and know how to deal with this stuff. I did cast a ballot, but not for the party and candidate that I had intended. Ah, politics.


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