September 10, 2008

iTunes Genius FAIL

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I downloaded iTunes 8 today in hopes that it would fix the 1+ hour sync times with my iPhone (it did). I saw the news blurbs about the new "Genius" feature, so I thought I'd give a try. First, I had to transcode a few albums from FLAC to MP3 (because iTunes can't read FLAC files, sigh).

So, I quickly converted the complete Led Zeppelin studio discography (all 10 discs from the Complete Studio Recordings collection) and imported them in iTunes. I clicked on a random album, and things got funky. A screenshot can best illustrate.


Um, yeah. Not only was I playing Stairway when it said I was missing it, but I also had every single track in the list of "missing" tracks. Helloooo?

It got even better when I imported Abbey Road from The Beatles (published on the Apple label, of course).

Genius sidebar could not find matches for your specific selection, but here are the Top Songs and Albums in the iTunes Store.

In all fairness, Genius did seem to work pretty well for a few more recent artists (like Coldplay and U2). Since recommendations appear to be limited to what is in the iTunes Store (I don't want this to sound like criticism because it is likely a calculated business decision), I think I'll stick to's recommendation engine for now. It may not be as pretty, but it has a wider scope of coverage and more than one player can Scrobble to it.


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Really entertaining blog entry. I'm a Italian and I definitely want to visit sometime soon! Nice to hear from you and what an interesting blog to "Top Songs and Albums in the iTunes Store".

Thank you.

See you Later. Bye.

Posted by Novità Vip at September 12, 2008 03:39 AM

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