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Security Update: April 8

April 8, 2008

Case users are reminded about three security updates events today. Applications, such as Adobe Acrobat or Flash, are not updated by means of Microsoft Windows Update, so users need to take extra steps to protect their machines and systems from some current threats.

1. The Adobe Flash viewer, a core component to many media rich applications such as YouTube and AdobeConnect, has a security update according to US CERT. This has a large potential impact due to the high incidence of Case users accessing Flash-based content, and affects all operating systems.

2. An update to the Adobe Acrobat is available to address a security vulnerability in version 8.0. This vulnerability could result in remote code execution if a victim opens a specially crafted Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) document in an affected version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Case users can upgrade to 8.1.2 to patch this vulnerability.

3. Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Micosoft today released 8 new updates, 5 of which are deemed by the vendor to be critical in nature.

That old GDI vulnerability is back as well.

Users should run Microsoft software updates immediately. Happy Patching!

Posted by Thomas Siu at 05:07 PM

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