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Account Termination Policy Changes

April 30, 2008

The new Case Account Closure Policy was approved in early April 2008, and it specifies a change in processes for account closure when faculty, staff, and students leave Case Western Reserve University.

The new practice involves a closure of network accounts within one business day of termination of employment status. This window applies to faculty and staff. Students will retain their current 180-day grace period. The policy has been coordinated with HR procedures and defines the extent of IT privileges based on the individual's relationship with the University.

Supervisors and managers are advised to take notice of the changes, and coordinate in advance when staff depart. Once accounts are closed, no incoming email or access is available for that terminated staff. The use of a mailing list alias at is recommended for ensuring the consistency of incoming email communications.

Posted by Thomas Siu at 01:50 PM

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