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Conficker C

March 31, 2009

The University advises all users of Microsoft Windows systems to be on the alert for variations in the Conficker C/ Downadup malware which has exploited a Microsoft vulnerability from November 2008.

Update: if you browse to this web site at the University of Notre Dame, it will give you a visual indication if your computer has been affected by the Conficker worm. If you don't see the images at the top, you may be infected, and should call the Case Help Desk at 368-HELP.

Case users who have been using the mandated Symantec Endpoint Protection and performing automated updates as mandated by the Case Tier I Controls should not be affected, however the few hosts that are infected are predicted to attempt scanning and logins to windows shares on the Case network.

If your Symantec Endpoint Protection alerts you to an intrusion attempt, please call the Case Help Desk with the alert information.

Case users of MacOS and Linux variants are not expected to be affected by the attack.

Posted by Thomas Siu at 01:18 PM

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