Hilton-Owned Hotel in Oslo says no to Cubans

The 140-hotel Scandic Edderkoppen Hotel chain has banned the Cuban delegation, who are visiting Oslo for a travel fair, from booking the hotel after it was bought by U.S.-based Hilton Hotel Corp. Since the hotel is now owned by an American company, it must abide by the United States' trade embargo against Cuba.

In the previous five visits to Oslo, the Cuban delegation was able to stay at the hotel all five times. When the hotel chain was bought out by Hilton in March, the Cubans were informed in December that they would have to find another hotel due to the American boycott.

As a result, the 300,000-member Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees announced a boycott of the Scandic hotel chain. The Anti-Racist Center in Oslo has filed a police complaint citing Norwegian law that "no one can be denied access based on their citizenship or ethnic origin."

The Foreign Ministry has stated that companies operating in Norway have to obey Norwegian law, regardless of their home base.

The 830,000-member Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions have demanded that "the government take steps so that companies like Scandic, which clearly abide by the United States' illegal boycott and blockade and not Norwegian law, are barred from doing business in Norway."

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Does a Norwegian company, owned by an American corporation have to follow U.S. law in addition to Norwegian law?

Would it make sense if an American company bought out one of the national rail companies in the UK, then force it to bar Cuban nationals from travelling the trains because of U.S. law?

Since when did U.S. law supercede the laws of a foreign country? An American company operating on foreign soil would ultimately have to follow the laws and regulations of the foreign country, correct?

Besides, the Cuban embargo is a farce and should be repealed. It is likely that Castro has only, but a few more years to live, and his brother seems a bit more receptive with the U.S. This is an opportunity for the embargo to be lifted and start a new beginning with Cuba.


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