A Sense of Humor: Required for Student Govt Officers

Apparently, the USC (University of South Carolina) Vice President was not happy when he returned back to campus to see his office a target of an April Fools' prank. He initially assumes the staff uses student activity funds to pay for the balloons, but students happily payed for them out of their own pockets. He then accuses them of using the oxygen tank in the closet to blow up the balloons. Last, he declares that if the balloons were not cleaned up from his office, he will take photos of the prank and will use them to cause some major problems.

One will surmise that he will tell the student newspaper about the lack of seriousness among the staff at the USC student govt office. But of course, due to the closeness of the date, April 1, his efforts would be futile.

Thus, as a reminder to student government officers, it is best to have a sense of humor. As we have seen from this video, the officer has shown his "true feelings" to everyone. Come on now, you are serving as Student Body Vice-President and President of the Student Senate, there's a time to be serious, and there's a time to take everything in stride.

He is currently serving his first year in law school at USC.

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Here's a Up Close & Personal with the officer off their student newspaper (dated 9/18/2006)


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Posted on: January 7, 2007 02:43 PM

I bet they are glad the voted him President now. He is the only one that came out looking unprofessional in this one.

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