Another Patent Troll: Klausner Technologies

It seems they are popping up everywhere. Klausner Technologies has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple, Inc. on the iPhone alleging that the company has infringed on their patents covering visual voicemail. The patent trolling company estimates that Apple owes them about $360 million in damages and future royalties.

The lawsuits asserts that Apple's iPhone Visual Voicemail feature violates Klausner Technologies' U.S. Patents 5,572,576 and 5,283,818. These patents have already been licensed to various other companies that provide visual voicemail, including Time Warner’s AOL for its AOL Voicemail services, Vonage Holdings for its Vonage Voicemail Plus services as well as others, under the Klausner Patents. Of course, note that Klausner sued both Time Warner and Vonage before settling.

The iPhone violates Klausner’s intellectual property rights by allowing users to selectively retrieve voice messages via the iPhone’s inbox display.

Why is Klausner a patent troll? Because it owns U.S. and international patents covering visual voicemail products and services which allow users to selectively retrieve individual voice messages via their cell phones and PCs. It does not offer any actual products and/or services. All they get is royalties for having a patent.


BTW, they also sued AT&T because they are offering wireless service for the iPhone. Plus eBay Inc.'s Skype unit, Comcast Corp., and Cablevision Systems Corp. For these companies, Klausner alleges that they are violating its patents covering VoIP. (link)

And yes, Klausner filed their lawsuit in the friendly courts of Eastern District of Texas. Another blackmailer on the warpath.


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Posted on: January 22, 2008 01:40 PM

Random access is not patentable.

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